We purchased this villa in the late nineties for its superb location and its orientation of West / South-West, so the swimming pools and garden terraces will have sun all day long. We searched the whole of the island of Ibiza starting with Ibiza town and its surroundings, but it was a no for us as there is a large generator burning fossil fuel to generate electricity that supplies the electric to the whole of Ibiza.

Other towns on the northern and eastern side of the island were also a no for us as the villas there were facing North-East and have no dramatic sunset in the evening. The inland of the island was also too far from the sea and with no sea views.

So finally unlike many of the other spoilt western sides of the Island we chose the most beautiful part of the Island of Cala Salada Europe’s second best natural beach and well known as the most unspoiled part of the Island and yet it has the convenience of shopping as it is less than 3 Kilometres away from the supermarkets, shops and banks.

From our Villa the views to the sea and islands are breathtaking, also its spacious ground was superb for us and you will never feel overcrowded.